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ShopBrain, A New Era in Retail

Finally, a self-service forecasting and inventory optimization platform that is truly centric to retail operations and specialists. This platform takes you from a click of a button integration with your point of sale systems to a rich yet easy world of predictions and automated optimization to help users optimize their decision accordingly. We infuse state of the art AI and Machine Learning at your service to unlock opportunities and improvements.       


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Business Intelligence

Until now, analyzing large volumes of complex business data spanning ERP, cloud applications and other business systems required the construction of a costly, time-consuming data warehouse. And the only way to normalize the data from these multiple sources, understand their relationships and perform analytics at scale was via a star-schema. But not anymore.

With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine, you get a real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse.


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Crowd Management Solution for Schools

Blue Ride team believes that the process of pickup must be stress-free, efficiency, and convenient for everyone.. the parents, teachers, students, drivers, and school guards.


The Modern & Efficient Way of Managing Work

Make Collaboration Work Empower teams to execute with speed and accountability. Increase the Agility of Work Smartsheet's simple, intuitive interface empowers business users to quickly configure, adapt, and improve their work processes to speed execution. Eliminate Productivity Killers Frictionless sharing with stakeholders eliminates silos and brings teams together. Clear accountabilities foster deeper ownership and more engaged teams. Differentiate Through Execution Whether opening hundreds of retail locations or staging the world’s most-watched sporting events, leading organizations rely on Smartsheet to gain a competitive edge.

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Seam Labs is a global digitization and software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies. We have been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. We are proud to earn the trust of local and world-class brands and Fortune 500 companies.
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