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Senior Data/MLOps Engineer

Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


  • Designing and implementing scalable, easy-to-maintain, and monitored solutions for analytics and Machine Learning Models

  • Assisting Data Scientists in building, documenting, and testing machine learning pipelines

  • Setting up and developing frameworks for content analytics using machine learning techniques

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the underlying data and data flows

  • Promoting good coding and engineering practices

  • Contributing to company-wide processes, frameworks, and guidelines



  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience

  • Proficiency in Python

  • Familiarity with SQL and NoSQL databases for data sourcing

  • Experience working with Docker and container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes for running data pipelines

  • Experience in Data Warehouse Modelling.

  • Familiarity with building ETL pipelines.

  • Familiarity with Big Data tools and frameworks.

  • Knowledge of cloud-native tools like Apache Airflow, Luigi, or Oozie for developing end-to-end (Data/Dev/ML)Ops pipelines

  • Experience with Microsoft Azure and its cloud services

  • Understanding of machine learning terminology and lifecycle for effective communication with Data Scientists

  • Good command of the English language, both written and spoken

About the Company

Seam Labs as a Venture Builder leverages the founder's combined experience from global markets including the Silicon Valley. We aim to build a portfolio of products. Since 2017, we helped in the building of 4 Ventures in the MENA region, and in the process, we inspired new ways of working and developing the playbooks. In 2020, we added two ventures to our Portfolio and working on two other Stealth products in 2021.

Seam Labs invested tremendously in the infrastructure to be robust and optimized for scalability and efficiency. That helped in creating lean unit economics. Our business success factors are proven and compatible to be plugged into any of our ventures to reach early market-fit products and scalability.

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