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Senior Customer Success

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job description : 

  • Establish and Land clear retention goals and process milestones for the client.

  • Assist customers with system on boarding and training for company products.

  • Secure daily visits to the schools to support customers & solve their problems onsite .

  • Promote the value of the product and up-sell services and products with brand image and promoting value through customer experience

  • Answers clients request and deliver issues to the right person to solve fast

  • Review customer complaints and concerns and seek to improve all aspects of the customer experience with the company

  • Maintain a detailed understanding of products and services, assist customers with questions and suggest the best products for their needs

  • Optimize existing processes within the company and actively enhance all Customer Success initiatives

  • Manage different pipelines: one for renewals, one for customer engagement and one for complaints.

  • Plan and continuously improve the on boarding journey

  • Prepare and make the training materials

  • Onsite training and support

  • Create and manage the online training

  • Manage & supervisor the junior team .


  • A minimum of 3 years of working experience in customer serving .

  • Must be a university graduate form a related discipline.

  • Must be a fluent Arabic speaker & very good in English .

  • Available for immediate hiring .

About the Company

Seam Labs as a Venture Builder leverages the founder's combined experience from global markets including the Silicon Valley. We aim to build a portfolio of products. Since 2017, we helped in the building of 4 Ventures in the MENA region, and in the process, we inspired new ways of working and developing the playbooks. In 2020, we added two ventures to our Portfolio and working on two other Stealth products in 2021.

Seam Labs invested tremendously in the infrastructure to be robust and optimized for scalability and efficiency. That helped in creating lean unit economics. Our business success factors are proven and compatible to be plugged into any of our ventures to reach early market-fit products and scalability.

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