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Junior Backend PHP/Laravel Developer

Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

- Design and build cloud-based backend databases, services, and APIs
- Integrate tools and plugins to optimize the development process
- Interact with client personnel to solidify requirements and review accomplishments
- Design and architect features from the ground up for a rapidly growing business
- Improve and contribute to current development and engineering practices


• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field

• Experience creating custom software and has the ability to share examples of prior work

• 1-2 years of backend development experience

• Good knowledge in OOP

• Familiar with SOLID principles

• Required Skills: PHP, Larval is a must, Node.js is a plus, RESTful API development with common frameworks, and strong database experience (relational and NoSQL)

• Experience designing, building, and launching custom software systems

• Able to work collaboratively in small teams with other specialized individuals

• Able to work independently in a fast-paced environment

• Solid verbal and writing communication skills

• Strong attention to detail and a passion for quality

• Strong analytical skills ,Problem Solving

About the Company

Seam Labs as a Venture Builder leverages the founder's combined experience from global markets including the Silicon Valley. We aim to build a portfolio of products. Since 2017, we helped in the building of 4 Ventures in the MENA region, and in the process, we inspired new ways of working and developing the playbooks. In 2020, we added two ventures to our Portfolio and working on two other Stealth products in 2021.

Seam Labs invested tremendously in the infrastructure to be robust and optimized for scalability and efficiency. That helped in creating lean unit economics. Our business success factors are proven and compatible to be plugged into any of our ventures to reach early market-fit products and scalability.

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