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Build & Ship



We focus on making business Easier & Smarter through B2B SaaS with Collaboration and Machine learning technologies in Multi $B spaces.   


Seam Labs ?

Seam Labs as a Venture Builder leverages the founder's combined experience from global markets including the Silicon Valley. We aim to build a portfolio of products. Since 2017,  we helped in the building of 4 Ventures in the MENA region, and in the process, we inspired new ways of working and developing the playbooks. In 2020, we added two ventures to our Portfolio and working on two other Stealth products in 2021.

Seam Labs invested tremendously in the infrastructure to be robust and optimized for scalability and efficiency. That helped in creating lean unit economics. Our business success factors are proven and compatible to be plugged into any of our ventures to reach early market-fit products and scalability.

Enterprise Software We Have Built, Co-built & Grew.

We believe there are painful problems out there, and through Software married to Human Design, we can solve them and make people benefit from that.

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Demand Fulfillment 


State of The Art Machine Learning to help you with Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization, intuitively and affordably. ShopBrain, the AI solution for demand fulfillment, helps businesses reduce their inventory cost by 30% with around 1% of the typical investment.




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BlueRide re-imagined transportation collaboration to provide the best and safest experience. The solution is designed to support organizations’ staff, stakeholders and vehicles during their business day.

Transportation & Crowd Management

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And much more ...

Health & Fitness


Full-fledged fitness center management system from handling session bookings to finance, HR and F&B center.

Real Estate


Enabling several stakeholders to use the customized CRM/ERP in a collaborative environment and automated workflows. Solution comes with a BI module to make informed decisions.


Live Polling

Polling Platform for Virtual Meetings. Create live polls and publish them via Facebook Live. The voting process by nature is viral due to using the Facebook reactions.


ML Financials

Bills Management App. Scan your bill and the app will automatically digitize the text using machine learning.

We Ship & Grow

We’re an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and growth marketers who have been involved in building multiple of ventures and created millions of dollars in enterprise value.


Processes starting from market evaluation and trend analysis to optimize decision making outcomes in the form of quality and speed.


Shared code, services, and playbooks for scalable growth, data infrastructure, application development, and machine learning.

Early PMF

Guidelines for early PMF validation. We templatize everything from pitch decks to project management to P&L’s and Growth ops.

Our Success Partners 

Our partners help extend the value to our customers.

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Join Us Building The Next Great Software Company.

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